Fellandale - results of Winter Handicap Race No. 3 (Wednesday 2nd January 2019)

News of the Fells - Lynch achieves 'top runner' status by matching Kennedy record

Tom Lynch has made an impressive TT debut by equalling the 3 year old course record set by Ade Kennedy, as the battle for this year's coveted Winter Handicap Trophy intensifies. Meanwhile, our NoF reporter can reveal that 'Mr Hamilton' currently domiciled on San Salvador Island, has been supplying speed improvement advice to a 'Mr Smith' of Cookridge, Leeds. 

Fellandale - results of Winter Handicap Race No. 3
(Wednesday 2nd January 2019)

It was a cold fine night and as expected, a fairly low turn-out of 8 for the third TT race. This was held so close to Hogmanay it must have deterred many runners, and some that came looked a little worse for wear!

What was not expected was an equalling of the course record. The appearance of Tom Lynch had been awaited with some interest ... and he didn't disappoint, storming round in 17:33 which exactly matches the current course record set by Ade Kennedy in November 2015.  Well run Tom !!  

But as we know, it's not the one-off speed performance that counts, but consistent low placings. There were some impressive runs in the circumstances with Debi shrugging off a cold, Paul returning to action after absence at December's office do, and a well-trained Ed who led the pack home. Really well done to Andy and Ed who managed to knock nearly a minute off their December times.

Many thanks to Brian Hilton and Tanya Shepherd for helping with registration, timekeeping and results.

Final race to decide our Winter Handicap champion is on Wednesday 6th February 2019. More club runners needed to pace our title hopefuls.

Results of Time Trial No. 3

1.   Ed Smith             21:14

2.   Andy Challinor    21:30

3.   Paul Heeley        18:15

4.   Debi Nicholson   26:09

5.   Jed Field             20:43

6.   Phil Steel            18:44

7.  Tom Lynch           17:33   (equalling existing course record time)    

8.  Daniel Metcalfe    24:33

Dave and Brian