Winter Handicap Time Trail 2018/19 Race 1 - by Dave H

Despite the conditions being calm, fine and warmish - ideal for running, a fairly low turnout of nine there was for the first race in the 2018/19 Winter Handicap series.

Organiser unavailability had forced postponement of this race by a week (just as well as last week's weather was foul.....but where was everyone else? - visiting the vets or doing early Christmas shopping?

However, no less than 6 former championship winners including the defending champ were there, so competition was bound to be vigorous. A warm welcome to Kirstie Holmes, who came along to try a Time Trial for the first time. Thanks to the independent parkrun races, handicapping of newcomers is no longer complete guesswork, so Kirstie did not have to worry about being last.

The keen competition did not worry Debi Nicholson who displayed a fine return to form, but was unusually speechless when interviewed as she crossed the line in first place. The others followed on in quick succession, and the finish was all done and dusted within 5 minutes.

Not wanting to miss out on the excitement, Dave decided to run round after the main show was over, as is permitted for an Organiser. Trying to offer prior excuses for slowness, he quoted solo running as less of an incentive, however Jed and Scott begged to disagree as they do that every time!

Meanwhile, out on the course, some competitors were relieved to see the sleeping Road Goblin of St Margaret had finally been silenced by a Council resurfacing scheme. According to reports, he put up a resilient fight for at least 4 months in the Summer. We are now confident he'll not bother us again for at least another 5 TT seasons ..... unless he's relocated into a tree! 

Many thanks to Brian Hilton for helping with registration, timekeeping and results.

Next outing is on Wednesday 5th December 2018.

Results (Dave Hickman ran solo after the race and slotted his time in at the relevant position)

1.   Debi Nicholson    27:03

2.   Paul Heeley         18:28

3.   Phil Steel             18:46

4.   Kirstie Holmes     23:36

5.   Dave Hickman     24:09

6.   Andy Challinor     22:13

7.   Daniel Metcalfe    24:10

8.   Martin Gebbett     22:17

9.   Jed Field              21:31                

10. Scott Leach          20:23

Best regards
Dave and Brian