This is an attempt to record the achievements of members of the Fellandale club during its existence. There may be errors or omissions for which I can only apologise and give an assurance that they will be corrected when the “ second edition” is prepared.

In particular I would welcome corrections of dates where needed. Members may be surprised at the achievements of members of a relatively smallclub .


K.I.M.M. (better known as The Karrimor.) Prize Winners.


1984.      Jem Wilson/Ian Hodgson                  4th “A” Class

1985       Jem Wilson / Ian Hodgson                                Winners “ Score” Class

1985       Dave Britton/Alistair Wood               4th “A” Class

1986.      Michael / Chris Hodgson.                  5th “B” Class

1986       John Sykes/ Dave Hodgson.             Winners Vets. “B” Class

1986       Dave Britton/Graham Watson.        2nd “A” Class

1988       John Sykes/ Dave Hodgson              Winners Vets “B” Class

1989       Sara Taylor/David Taylor                 Winners Mxd. “C” Class.

1990       Christine Kenyon/Jean Shotter         2nd Ladies “C” Class

1997       Ian. Wilson/Alison Wilson                 1st Mxd Saunders Harter Fell Class

1998       Heather Maud/Jane Saul                   Winners Ladies “ Score” Class

2000       Alison Wilson/Madeline Hobley       Winners Ladies “B” Class.


Welsh 1000m


1985       Dave Britton, Jem Wilson, Ian Hodgson        Winners Men Mountaineers Team


Six Dales Hike.


Several wins between 1980 and 1985 culminating in the current record of 7 hours 29min. by John Sykes, Dave Britton, Martyn Speight and Ian Hodgson.  


Polaris Mountain Bike Two Day Event.


1993       Dave Heeley/Chris Hodgson             Winners Senior Class.

1995       Dave Heeley/Chris Hodgson             Winners Senior Class.


Challenge Events.


Bob Graham Round.

1985       Dave Britton, Phil Glendinning, John Sykes  

1990       Alan Drury.

1992       Bryan Speight, Jean Shotter, Neal Shotter, Ken Wilby.

1996       Martin Scott

1998       Alison Wilson.

2015       Simon Franklin.



Yorkshire 2000ft Peaks.

1991       Alan Drury


Joss. Naylor Challenge.

1999       Jack Escritt.


Lands End to John 0,Groats Walk.

1999       John Bussey.


Lakeland Wainwrights

2012-2104            Michael & Sara Hodgson

Fell Running Championship.


1993       English Ladies Team Champions.   Emma Hodgson, Sara Hodgson, Sally Malir, Andrea                                                                                  Priestley, Jean Shotter, Heather Maud.

1994       British and English Ladies Team Champions. Emma Hodgson, Sara Hodgson, Heather Maud,                                                                                       Sally Malir, Andrea Priestley, Jean Shotter.

1994       English Ladies Champion.                                 Andrea Priestley.

1994       3rd British Ladies Relay Championships.      Heather Maud, Emma Hodgson, June Howard,                                                                                           Olly Drury, Andrea Priestley, Jean Shotter.

1993       English Over 60 Champion.                              Dave Hodgson.

2002       Yorkshire Cross Country Over 70 ChampionDave Hodgson

                                                            Over 50 ChampionBrian Hilton


International Honours.

1995       Andrea Priestley,  English Fell Running representative at Home Countries                                                                              Internationals - Knock Dhu and Snowdon.


1998       Brian Hilton,         English Cross Country representative Home Countries Veterans International


Other Notable Achievements.

Winner Ben Nevis Ladies- Sara Hodgson.     Winner Chevin Chase- Martyn Speight.                       

Winner Burnsall Fell Race 5 times between1994 & 2003 Sara Hodgson.

World Veterans 5000m Track Championship Bronze Medal - Brian Hilton. 

Winners Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay Ladies.- Emma & Sara Hodgson, Andrea Priestley, Jean Shotter, Heather Maud, Sally Malir, June Howard, Christine Kenyon.

Winners Three Peaks Ladies Team.- Christine Kenyon, Jean Shotter, Andrea Priestley.

Members of the club ladies team won many ladies individual fell race awards between 1992 and 1997.

and the Rombalds Stride event provided success for several club pairings between 1985 and 1995 

Winner Manx Mountain Marathon several times - Andy Hauser.   

Badger Stone Relay placings include 2nd Open, 1st Vets 0/40 1st Vets 0/60.

Two club members have successfully completed all the Scottish Munros- Jack Escritt and Alison Wilson.  Dave Hodgson and Andy Hauser gained the Three Peaks 21 Race award.

The Chevin Chiller 2013 Adrian Kennedy 1st, Scott Leach 2nd and Fellandale won the team prize

Hardmoors 55 2018. 1st Team Relay prize for Phil Steele, Tanya Shepherd, Emma Lavelle-wood and Mike Robets. 


Sports Administration.

1988/1991            Dave Hodgson.    Chairman Fell Runners Association.

1994/1997            Alan Judd.             Chairman Fell Runners Association.

1995/1999            Dave Hodgson     Chairman England International Fell Selection Committee.

1980/1995            Dave Hodgson     Chairman Three Peaks Race Association.

1995/2000            Graham Maud     Chairman Three Peaks Race Association.

2000.                      Paul Dennison      Chairman Three Peaks Race Association.

1984/1996            Shirley Hodgson. Entries & Results Secretary Three Peaks Race Association

1997/2000            Susan Dennison   Results Secretary Three Peaks Race Association .


Services to the Community.

1999                       Bob Graham Relay.                                                                                                                                            Organised in remembrance of club members who died. Raised over £300 for charities                              nominated by the widows ofAlan Drury, Eric Child and Phil Brayson.   


2000                       Horsforth Sports and Fun Day.       

                                Provided a days sport for over 500 young people and raised £500.00 which was                                                 distributed to local sports clubs.


1980-2000.           Club members have provided most of the marshals and officials for the Three Peaks                        Race and the Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay and Registration and Results officials for                      the Jack Bloor Race.


1997-2000            Danefield Relay.

                                Successful organisation of an evening multi terrain relay in Danefield Park.


During the early years of the club a Fell Sports competition was organised for competition between local Venture Scout Units.