Fellandale parkrun series March 2019 – Feb 2020

With the parkrun series having taken place for two years now, and with a small but committed core of regular participants taking part, we are trialling a new scoring system for 2019-20 in a bid to encourage more members to take part while not penalising those regulars from the past two years.

For this coming year, starting on 2 nd March 2019, there will be five set parkruns: Armley, Bramley, Cross Flatts, Oakwell Hall and Roundhay, which you can now run at any time of the year, with your best result of the year from each one counting in the competition.

There will also be a ‘wildcard’ parkrun – in short, your best result in any other parkrun during the year.

Point scoring will still use age-grading but now based on the following:

Age grading: 70%+ 65%+ 60%+ 55%+ 50%+ <50%

Points:      6      5      4      3      2     1

A bonus point will also be given every time a runner sets a new venue PB for the five set parkruns

(First time at a venue doesn’t count as a PB).

pr piccy.jpg


Runner X runs at all 5 venues plus a wildcard venue.

At venues A &amp; B Runner X gets an age-graded best score of 66% = 2 x 5 points

At venues C, D &amp; E Runner X gets age-graded best scores of 62%, 63% and 64% respectively = 3 x 4

points; Runner X also gets two new PBs at venue D = 2 points plus a new PB at venue E = 1 point

At the wildcard venue Runner X gets an age-graded best score of 71% = 6 points

Runner X’s score for the series = 31 

Results and Table