Winter Handicap Trophy Time Trial No. 3 - The Tough One - By Dave Hickman

Winter Handicap Trophy Time Trial No. 3 - The Tough One

(Wednesday 3rd January 2018) 


Well, the prospect of Time Trial racing wasn't very appealing was it ?! Christmas excesses, the feisty storm Eleanor and continuous rain beforehand seemed to confirm the billing of 'The Tough One'.


Only 8 brave souls turned up to battle with the elements and the trial course, and most times were slower than previous attempts.....but after all were finished, the experience wasn't quite as bad as expected.

There was a pretty intense battle for placings in the middle of the race between Martin, Phil Steel, Kathryn, and Jed. The placings and current points totals after this race will create an interesting final tousle.


Meanwhile, first timer and eventual winner Phil Hickman displayed a remarkable sense of nonchalance. After initially experiencing an overwhelming attraction towards the student bar, and pausing mid-race to tie his laces, he overtook a couple of runners, then casually out-sprinted Martin at the finish.

Many thanks to Brian, Dave, Shirley and Carl for officiating, timekeeping and results.


Next and final time trial will be on Wednesday 7th February 2018




1.   Phil Hickman          24:22

2.   Martin Gebbett       22:09

3.   Phil Steel               19:19

4.   Kathryn Fisk           21:32

5.   Jed Field                20:32 

6.   Debi Nicholson      29:15

7.   Dave Hickman       25:13    

8.   Andy Challinor       23:23