Fellandale Winter Handicap competition 2017/18 - Time Trial No. 2 - By Dave Hickman

Race number 2 attracted a lower turnout than the first race. This is often true in December as members have succumbed to seasonal colds or are maybe just out Christmas shopping. 

We welcomed back Brian Hilton to the organising team and Carl also helped with timing. Debi, Ralph and Chris made their first Trial appearances this season. 

So, 9 runners lined up at the start, and at the first observation point near the steps, Paul Heeley, the defending champ and Chris Small were really motoring.

But of course the time trial route takes no prisoners, so sometime later in first place, a mysterious seemingly unknown runner jogged down the access road with only a small lamp to guide him.....none other than Daniel Metcalfe!

Dark horse Marauder Metcalfe was followed shortly afterwards by an exciting sprint finish between Jed and Tanya. They are both showing their keenness in the competition - neck and neck on points!

Many thanks to Brian, Carl, Dave and Shirley for timekeeping and results.

Next outing is the 'tough one' on Wednesday 3rd January 2018.



1.   Daniel Metcalfe         24:57

2.   Jed Field                   19:59

3.   Tanya Shepherd        23:51

4.   Paul Glover               23:57

5.   Ralph Mc Dermott     26.15

6.   Paul Heeley              19:08

7.   Martin Gebbett          22:31    

8.   Chris Small               20:52

9.   Debi Nicholson         29:55


Have a great Christmas!