Fellandale TimeTrial #1 - By Dave Hickman 01/11/17


On a calm, cool but fine night, a reasonably total of twelve runners turned out for the first time trial race in our 2017/18 Winter Handicap series. 

The start had returned to its former spot outside the sports centre after completion of the student block. However, due to last minute risk assessment required by the University, the first 100 metres is altered, and now includes a tiny diversion via a ramp. Sgt. Christine Addison was posted next the ramp to discourage a tempting vault down the steps.

Sophia Garnett displayed great bravery - not only completing the race for the first time, but leading off the runners. There was strong running from most, and the competition already looks pretty keen. Martin Gebbett looks to be returning from last years's injuries to his former fast times. But Tanya our club media champion shrugged off all opposition to romp home in first place, despite a valiant attempt by Jed to overhaul the handicap advantage.

Meanwhile during the race, the sleeping Road Goblin of St Margaret was awakened by the scamper of runners on the first loop, and emerging from a latent pothole, floored one of the competitors on loop 2. This monster is a menace, having in previous years bitten Martin's calf and stopped Ralph in his tracks while disguised as a tree!

Paul Glover has now made an official claim to be the longest serving time trial competitor. We will consult the archives and confirm!

Many thanks to Dave and Shirley Hodgson for timekeeping and to Christine Addison for guarding the steps and timekeeping.

Next outing is on Wednesday 6th December 2017.


1.   Tanya Shepherd      23:56

2.   Jed Field                 20:06

3.   Martin Gebbett        22:07

4.   Scott Leach             18:13

5.   Kathryn Fisk            21:03

6.   Phil Steel                 18:51

7.   Paul Glover             23:45

8.   Daniel Metcalfe       25:21

9.   Adam Broadbent     23:41

10. Ed Smith                 22:46                

11. Dave Hickman        25:25

12. Sophia Garnett       36:00